How many of us have traveled abroad and loved going to public parks (Central Park, Union Park, Hyde Park)? But do we feel the same enthusiasm while visiting our local parks? Apologies for this clichéd comparison but it does make you think. What is it about them that attracts us? The answer is simple. They’re better cared for and very well maintained. Is why we need LYPM.

What is LYPM?

LYPM, short for ‘Love Your Parks Mumbai’ is a socially conscious initiative birthed by two prodigious working professionals and mothers, Tina Nandi and Anca Florescu Abraham. They’re trying to spread awareness about experiencing, maintaining, and developing local parks in the city. What made these two mothers step out of their already hectic lives and take an extra step to preserve local parks?

Nandi and Abraham became acquainted with each other at a park while out with their kids. They soon realised that parks made for recreational purposes are not fit to do so. They tried exploring a lot of parks in the neighbourhood to find peace and quiet, and unwind from their ever hectic urban lives. But Nandi and Abraham were disappointed to see that a lot of parks are shut for most part of the day (shouldn’t public parks be open and accessible the whole day?), only a few of them are decently maintained ergo, overcrowded specially on weekends, have poor amenities and full of bad play equipment for kids (I think we’re all aware of this).

And hence, LYPM was born. They’re trying to encourage people to use local parks in their neighbourhood or demand one if need be by bringing the fun factor back to the parks. By creating fun, creative, artsy events in these parks they want to include the community and spread more awareness about this initiative. LYPM Mumbai recently hosted a choir at Patwardhan and Joggers Park and the pictures are proof of what a fun event it was.




They’re hosting a storytelling session at Kaifi Azmi Park, Juhu, this Sunday. I’ll be there to extend my support to this beautiful initiative. Will you?

You can reach out to them on Facebook and Instagram.

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