Bombay’s always been the epitome of diversity and newness. The city’s almost at par with the global culinary, cocktail, and new concepts in the hospitality and service industry. Social may have debuted in Delhi but they’re birthing the first ever FLEA Bazaar Cafe in Bombay (yes, I prefer Bombay over Mumbai).

What is FLEA Bazaar Cafe?

Brain child of the Amlani brothers (famed owners of the Impressario group that started the Socials, Salt Water Cafe, Slink And Bardot, and Smoke House Deli), FLEA Bazaar Cafe is a space that brings food, drinks, shops, and live music all under one roof. And I promise, it’s as fun as it sounds. Ive been lucky enough to checkout the space before it opens its doors to people. It opens on the 7th of April.

Why #BeThereNow?

1. It’s got 13 restaurants offering diverse cuisines to choose from, El Chapo (Mexican), Goila Butter Chicken, Chakna by Soam, Yugo Sushi (Japanese), Super Pao, Del Italia (Italian), Lucknowee, The Bohri Kitchen, Hung Li (Endowed Chinese), Wattsappam (South Indian), Dope Coffee by Roasted Today, and Bay Burger.


2. Oh and Social’s got its own bar serving cocktails and local brews on tap. They’ve got enough tables to accommodate an entire Social’s crowd. Oh and the Van you see there? Apparently that’s where the DJ will mix his tunes for ya’ll.

PC – FLEA Bazaar Cafe

3. PropShop24 has it’s own pop-up here. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s an online store selling uber cool and quirky merchandise, accessories, and lifestyle products. Check it out. I personally vouch for its products.

4. You get to indulge in all this while listening to some banging live music.

5. No need to wait for flea markets anymore. This ones here to stay so you can enjoy the flea market experience all day, everyday.

#BeThereNow Recommends

1. Johny Ginger Cocktail
2. Nitro Cold Brew
3. Black Bhaaji Pao


It’s located in Victoria Mills Compound in Lower Parel, right next to FLYP@MTV.

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