Does anyone love cooking good food as much as eating it? Well, I do, in my dreams though because I lack the culinary expertise to cook even a half decent meal. I’m particularly fascinated with all the fancy food I see online (thank you Insider Food for raising my expectations). But thank god for Instagram I recently came across Flavour Diaries. 

What is Flavour Diaries?

Stirred up by Anjali Pathak, Flavour Diaries is Mumbai’s first interactive luxury food event venue with hands-on cooking experience. She’s a London based Indian chef who trained at the prestigious Leiths School of Food & Wine in London, and taught thousands of Londoners for UK’s most renowned chef Jamie Oliver. She wants to make international flavours a part of Indian kitchens through this project. Before I begin to lure you into trying this out, let me issue a fair warning. The following content is not suitable for people who get easily carried away with food pictures. Venture at your own risk.

Why #BeThereNow?

1. If you want to learn Italian, French, Mexican, Asian, European cooking, and British baking. You’ll be introduced to pasta shape making, filling, marrying pasta to sauce, rolling sushis, and basically everything we love to eat; pick from veg, non-veg, and vegan options.





2. Design your own custom cooking class with Anjali or invite your friends and have a fun dine-in plus cooking session.


3. Book the space to celebrate a special occasion, a date night for two or for a fun corporate event because the place is all sorts of pretty.




5. Get your own individual cooking stations in the open FRANKE kitchen (for beginners like me, FRANKE is a famed company for creating beautiful, intelligent domestic kitchens. Who wouldn’t want to cook in such an aesthetic kitchen?

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 6.17.13 PM


6. You can also drop by for an english high-tea, meet and chat with Anjali, and explore the space for Rs. 350 + taxes. Oh and also explore the various cook-books on display.

PC – Flavour Diaries

You can check out the Flavour Diaries’ website for more details. They have an ongoing schedule for French and Italian, Mediterranean and Mexican, and Asian cooking classes. Checkout the timings and book your slot here. I personally haven’t attended any of the classes yet, so do me a favour and tell me how it goes when you do?


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