Who doesn’t love art? Well, I certainly do especially if it’s custom art and especially (yes, i repeated the word again because I never claimed to be J.K. Rowling) if it glows in the dark. I recently chanced upon The Humble Brush (while stalking people on Instagram, no shame).

What is The Humble Brush?

It’s a custom art project by Vedika Sangtani who loves her pens, and brushes; and happens to be passionately creative. She decided to combine her love for doodling and creativity to produce beautiful customised bookmarks, paintings, and books. She sells them through The Humble Brush’s Instagram and Facebook pages and these pieces are definitely a work of art. Don’t believe me? See them for yourself..

1.  Isn’t this diary all sorts of pretty?



2. Oh and this beautiful frame. You could hang it on a wall or simply keep it on your desk.



3. Customised plates anyone?



4. This one’s definitely my favourite.



5. And you can’t miss these glow in the dark frames.


I personally love the uniqueness of her designs, especially the mandalas. So the next time you’re looking for a customised gift, get in touch with the Humble Brush. After all what’s a gift if not customised? She’d be happy to doodle up a specific design or piece of art based on your preference. So just get in touch already?

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