Hotels are expensive (amusing myself with the newness of this fact). And let’s admit it, they’re not as fun compared to hostels. Specially if you’re a solo traveller. Hostels are fun, great places to meet new people, and engage in conversations. You can also make spontaneous plans to explore a city with your fellow mates (if only words could express the beauty of such explorations and experiences).

So, on your next trip to the city, checkout Hostel Mantra. It’s a bungalow converted into a cosy hostel right in the heart of the city.


Why #BeThereNow?

1. It’s a cosy sized hostel with 3 dorm rooms and 2 private rooms.

2. Out of the 3 dorm rooms, one’s a 9-bed mix room with bunk beds for 8 people and a single bed. Priced comfortably at ₹599/night including breakfast.

3. A 6 bed mix dorm with bunk beds, priced at ₹649/night including breakfast.



4. An all women’s dorm with bunk beds that sleeps 6 women travellers. The Tariff’s the same as the 6-bed mix dorm.


5. The two private rooms come with either a double bed or twin single beds for ₹2,200/night including breakfast.

Picture Courtesy – Hostel Mantra
6. The property also has three common rooms where you can hangout, play games, and meet other travellers.

Additional Facilities?

  • Free Wifi throughout the property (D uh!)
  • Kitchen pantry in case you want to cook a midnight snack
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Rooftop terrace (if you want to watch the sunset or indulge in a book)
  • A lot of games like Uno, Jenga, and Taboo

So, all I’m saying is that go try it out. You can call them up on +91 9820767877 for bookings or visit their Facebook page for more details.


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