There are offices and then there are spaces that inspire and motivate you. WeWork is one such place. They’re a global network of workspaces that transform buildings into dynamic environments for creativity, focus and networking. We all know how expensive it is to rent a space in the city and turn it into an awe-spiring elbow room (my pocket’s cringing at the thought of it), well, that’s what nightmares are made of.

I admire their insightful thinking of workspaces since work these days isn’t just about coffees and mundane meetings but community engagement, networking, and design to boost productivity.

Why #BeThereNow?

1. If the entrance isn’t welcoming enough, their keen attention to design will compel you to work an extra hour (no kidding!).


2. They cater to all needs, from a desk to an entire HQ providing space for 1 to 500+ people.


3. You can have month-to-month agreements unlike other office spaces that require a broker (good luck with that), and an increment in rent per year (yayyy! NOT).

4. Located in 3 major corporate locations, Marol, Vikhroli West and BKC.

5. They provide you with every amenity you could possibly think of. Don’t believe me? Check em out below (too many to type).

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 11.41.21 PM
PC – WeWork Instagram and website

6. A hot desk starts from 8000 to 18,000/month and a private office should cost you anywhere between 24,400 to 40,200/month, depending on the location.

7. You get access to global entrepreneurs and can participate in their private events (like food and wine tasting sessions).

If you’re still not convinced then checkout the space yourself and there’s no way you’re leaving without booking a spot there. For more details you can check their website.


Vikhroli West:


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